WordPress is a popular, open source CMS, or content management system that was developed in PHP. It is also considered as a reliable website creation and blogging tool. Whether you are creating a photography portfolio, or developing an ecommerce website, the customization options WordPress brings are endless. If you are looking for a top host in Malaysia, you might as well consider WordPress hosting.

WordPress was created with security in mind.

Website security is always a major concern, no matter what kind of website you have. Fortunately, WordPress’ core software is secure, and web developers regularly update it. You can also do lots of things to make your platform more safe and secure by making small updates and installations.

WordPress makes it easier for people to find help.

WordPress is considered as the most popular website builder in the entire world, and what comes with this is a great support system. Also, in case you encounter some problems, you can consult support forums, social media groups and blogs which are dedicated exclusively to addressing WordPress inquiries.

WordPress is the most affordable choice.

The WordPress software, in itself, can be used for free. This only means that you can download it, deploy the platform, and then customize it without any fee. Moreover, several of the plugins and themes are free. Keep in mind, though, that you still need to pay for a domain name and for web hosting.

WordPress is very easy to customize.

WordPress can allow a user to build a user-friendly, professional-looking website even though he has zero coding experience. It provides a vast range of themes for website customization. These themes would allow you to add logos, change colors, add sliders, change the background and more.

.WordPress makes web content creation convenient.

Basically, if you can make a text document using Microsoft Word, then you can also make a blog post on WordPress. The formatting is simple, and comes with easy-to-click buttons such as bullet points, italic and bold. If you want, you can also add photo galleries and forms.