Lasting longer in bed may be a topic of concern for a lot of men simply because the vast majority may not be able to last as long as they’d want.

In a certain study, it turns out that the average time of penetrative sex is 5.4 minutes and that is why a lot of men are concerned because some of them may not be able to reach that mark due to an underlying condition perhaps.

Well, how long sex should last is not dependent upon a certain number. So long as both couples enjoy the sex, that is the most important thing.

The reason why a lot of men feel the pressure of lasting longer is probably because of the male porn stars that they see when they watch porn back in their younger years.

Male porn stars are able to last more than 15 minutes, but the reality is that it is part of their jobs. Ask any male porn star out there and they, too, may struggle lasting longer in bed at times.

I want to put your mind at ease in that so long as both you and your partner are okay with the length of coitus, there is really nothing to worry about. What is important is that you are able to showcase your love for your partner.

But, if you still want a definite answer that will help you last longer in bed, you may have to turn to using male enhancement pills, undergoing some therapies, and even taking some medications to help you. The only way for you to address the problem, however, is to actually know what is causing you to finish way too early.

Why Men Are Prone to Finish Early

There are two leading causes as to why men finish way too early in bed and they are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Both of them are classified under sexual dysfunctions and all men may experience any (or both) of them in their life.

There are actually a lot of reasons why men may experience such conditions. In the case of erectile dysfunction, for example, they might get ED because of low testosterone levels in the body. Or perhaps, they have blocked arteries and blood vessels resulting in poor blood flow towards the penis.

How about premature ejaculation? According to sex therapists, premature ejaculation is mainly caused by psychological factors, though there are some that are caused by physical forces.

Anxiety and stress seem to be the main culprits behind primary premature ejaculation, but so is being overexcited or overstimulation of the penis.

So, How Do I Treat Them?

Well, for erectile dysfunction, you may want to go to your doctor and ask for help. Typically, they will advise you to become more active, eat balanced meals, and perhaps even prescribe to you some medications like Levitra or Cialis.

For premature ejaculation, certain therapies are involved. For example, the squeeze technique may help you control your ejaculatory impulses, as well as edging can provide the same effect.