Are you thinking of getting a baby car seat and baby carrier in Malaysia for your child? Before spending plenty of time traveling with your little one, make sure to learn more about child car safety. It is quite simple, and begins with fitting child restraints, and ensuring that you always buckle your kids into them properly. It is also crucial to seat kids properly, in order to keep them happy and comfortable while you are driving. 

The basics of child restraint 

Kids up to 7 years old should travel around with a child restraint. Those 7 years and older can utilize an adult seatbelt, but only if they are already big enough to wear one. 

Baby car seat safety starts with carefully selecting, properly fitting, and using the right child restraint that is appropriate for your kid’s size and age.

Begin driving once the seatbelts are done. Don’t drive with the restraint straps twisted or undone. If your kid removes the buckles and straps, you need to stop the car and fix it. Explain to your child the importance of what you are doing. 

Child car safety tips

  • Keep all the lose items in the car well.  These stuff can fly about during a crash, and increase the risks of injuries.
  • Get your kid in and out of the vehicle once in a while. 
  • Make sure that your kid always keeps her legs, head and arms inside the car when it is parked or moving.
  • Activate the childproof door locks, so your kid wouldn’t be able to get out of the car, whether the car is moving, or standing still. 

Keeping your kid happy and safe inside a car. 

  • Talk to your child while driving. By conversing with your kid, you can distract her and at the same time, pas the time. Share to her what you want to do once you arrive in the destination. 
  • Praise her for excellent behavior while inside the car. Mention that good baby behavior many times during the journey. Moreover, feel free to use reward charts. 
  • Give your child safe distractions, such as audio books.