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8 Amazing Ways to Plan a Remarkable Wedding on a Budget

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Are you planning your wedding anytime soon? If yes, read this article to learn about the best ideas in throwing an amazing love celebration on a budget.

1. Stay Away From the Peak Season

Your wedding date can make an impact on your overall budget. Remember, a June wedding commands a bigger price than a January one. If you can, make your wedding date flexible. You will be able to save around $1,000 to $1,500. More so, if you selected a weekday instead of a weekend. Planning a wedding, according to wedding & event planners in Malaysia, during off-peak season would also allow you to get lower prices from some of your vendors.

2. Book a Restaurant

Rather than paying a lot of extra for tables, chairs, tablecloths, silverware and waiters, you should consider renting an entire restaurant. You’ll only pay for food. Sometimes, this can be an amazing cost saver. Work your online research skills—surely, you will find a place that fits your style and wedding theme.

3. Lean on Your Friends

If you are one of those lucky ones who will be getting lots of help in the wedding process, you can explore the DIY route when it comes to floral decorations. Just keep in simple, with at least 2 flower varieties.

4. Buck Tradition

Do you really want a unique and affordable wedding? Then, have it in a local park, movie theater, museum or library. These places rarely hold standard occasions, so there is a chance for an affordable price.

5. Summon Your Creative Juices

Another great thing to use is in-season blooms, and utilize bouquets for wedding reception decorations. If you are not really clinging towards floral accents, feel free to skip it altogether. Instead, you can use Chinese lanterns, ribbons and candles to set the relaxing and inspiring mood.

6. Stick to One Place

It is possible for your wedding ceremony and reception to be in one place. You just need to be creative in decorating these spaces. Surely, your guests wouldn’t care if these are held in one location. It will even save them another road trip. If you are marrying inside a church, you can ask if they have a reception hall you can rent for the reception.

7. Think of All the Details

Always look for a full-service wedding venue. Find out what extras are included. Don’t just settle for the cheapest location, since they usually come without linens, silverware, tables and other important items. You’ll end up spending much more. Think about all the details and settle for the most practical and convenient option.

8. Don’t Be Shy About Borrowing

Never hesitate to borrow some decorations or other items for the wedding. If you need some centerpieces such as floating candles or hurricane lamps, why not borrow from a friend? You can also ask the venue itself if they have these materials in storage.