1.Don’t give in to any kind of request.

Several domainers would try to mine your overall sense of safety. They would manipulate you, in order to acquire your domain even without consent. Never give in. The domain name you are using is yours for good reason, and you worked countless hours to establish your reputation in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

2.Never let the domain name expire.

Are you looking for top hosting websites in Malaysia? If you are a beginner, make sure to hire only the most reliable web host that can help you manage all the important things. One of the most crucial things that you need help with is domain name renewal. Your domain name must be renewed two months before its expiration date.

3.Enable the domain lock option.

From the moment you register your domain name, the domain registrar would apply a so-called domain lock automatically. This is a safety option that can protect you from authorized transfers. It denies illegal domain name transfers to other domain registrars. However, you can disable this temporarily, allowing for some transfers and enable other features.

4.Enable the WHOIS protection option.

Domain registrars like NameCheap.com and Hover.com provide this for free for the first registration year. It allows website owners to hide their domain-related details, including emails, home addresses and mobile number.

5.Establish the fact that your domain name is not for sale.

Highlight this fact on a disclaimer or homepage banner. Every offer to buy your name would be ignored automatically.

6.Report or ignore offensive messages.

Ignore other people’s insistent requests and emails about your own domain name. In those rare moments that they threaten or insult you, report them to the domain registrar or email provider.