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5 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Stay Healthy

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How to stay healthy and fit if your work requires you to spend the rest of the day sitting in front of your computer with your tires eyes and back pain? Fortunately, mobile apps development company has created a lot of mobile applications development to help you to stay healthy and fit at the office. These mobile applications are available for both Apple and Android users. So, what are you waiting for? Get a workout while you work.

  1. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body. The Yoga Studio app was originally designed by Lotus Studio and then recently it was acquired by Gaiam Inc. The best thing about this app is that it comes in a variety of difficulty of levels, different lengths for each session and different focuses in each session such as flexibility stretches workout, relaxation and ballad. It works wonders if you do the yoga and workouts every day.
  2. Workout Trainer. This particular app promises to be your personal workout trainer and it is free to download. There is a range of exercise routines from intense to easy 10 minutes workouts you can do at your desk that focuses on your shoulder, legs, back and chest.
  3. Stridekick. Stridekick is an app that tracks each of your steps per day and it acts like a pedometer and it connects you with your friends to make it more challenging so that you can compare your result with theirs. This is a good app to motivate you to take a walk instead of sitting at your desk all day. It is also suitable for a small company as it can add up to 10 people in a group.
  4. Insight Timer. Besides physical health, take care of your mental health too. This app is a free meditation app that comprises of meditation from multiple traditions, chat with the community and you have access to hundreds of world-renown teachers. These people can guide you in meditating to relieve your stress from working all day long.
  5. Fooducate. Fooducate is an app that assists in weight loss and it was created to help you make better choices at the grocery store. It gives you all the nutritional information you need to know before you buy the unnecessary snacks and it also acts as a calorie calculator to help you eat a little bit better. Your food choices is a lot more important than exercise to stay healthy and fit.