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4 Website Design Trends That Can Really Help Businesses in 2018

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Business websites are often designed in a way that is more minimalistic than others. The reason is that they want customers to buy their products and also to not make things more difficult for them.

If you’re planning to design a website or if you’re a website creation company, be sure to apply these trends so that it can really help you with your business in 2018:

1. Go Straight to the Point

When coming up with a design for a business website, you have to make sure that it is clean and as professional-looking as possible.

The idea here is to be straightforward and direct to the point. Incorporate some background and typography with contrasting colors for easy viewing. Moreover, your font size has to be big enough for people to see; ideally using 16px or 18px should work.


2. Use More Optimized Images for Faster Loading Speeds

The use of images is an integral part of the website’s design, but you have to make it a point to implement some new changes as well.

For starters, your images have to be optimized for better loading speeds. So, if you have a really big image with a big resolution to boot, then you have to scale it down accordingly so that it will not take too much time to load.

Furthermore, to accentuate the images on your website, you can use the parallax scrolling effect so that it will give the impression to users making it pop out more, and you can even use image shadows to your advantage as well.

Shadows do a good job at creating more depth for your pictures, so be creative on how you will implement this in a way that will match the overall color scheme you’ve chosen.

3. Video and Animation as Backdrops

Studies have shown that people are more engaged if they see something that is interactive. And, the way you do that to your websites is by adding some videos and animations as well.

You do that by making them a part of your background. It has to be subtle enough in that it doesn’t really take too much attention away from the content at hand, but it also has to be something that is prominent in the sense that users can definitely see it, albeit not too obtrusive.


4. Use Customized Google Maps on Your Site

In a push for more location-based services, businesses are making ways to convert site visitors into paying customers.

To do just that, make use of a customized Google Map so that your users can avail of location-based services. What I mean by “customized” is that the interface should be well-implemented in that it doesn’t really veer away from the overall aesthetic of your website.


As peoples’ preferences change over time, so are the design trends that you should use on your website. Using the appropriate typography, adding in videos and animations as your background, and using optimized images are just some trends that will surely help your business in 2018.